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Our History

Marymount Hermitage was founded by Sister Rebecca Mary Bonnell and Sister Mary Beverly Greger.  Marymount was named by the Most Rev. Sylvester W. Treinen, who invited us to the Diocese of Boise; the name describes the community and the place: dedicated to Mary, Mother of the Church and surrounded by mountains.  We are committed in a special way to praying for the needs of the Church and the world and trust that, in union with Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, our repentance, reparation and adoration will bring us and all our brothers and sisters to the joys of eternal life.

Marymount Hermitage was solemnly dedicated by Bishop Treinen at Mass on November 19, 1984.  The complex in the beginning included five modular buildings: a chapel/library, common house and three hermitages.  In July, 1987, to celebrate the Marian Year, a bell tower was added to the chapel and the Angelus is rung daily at morning, noon and night.  By August, 1988, two additional hermitages had been built to accommodate women discerning a vocation to our way of life and for retreatants and guests.  There is a workshop and garden site near the chaplain’s hermitage.  In April, 1995, our new chapel, Our Father’s House, was solemnly blessed by the Most Rev. Tod D. Brown, Bishop of Boise.  The old chapel was moved and renovated to become part of the common house for an expanded library and archives room.  The Hermitage property, 100 acres of rolling, high desert, range land, was donated by the Ball family of Mesa, Idaho, in memory of their parents, Bryan and Emma Ball.  They and all our generous benefactors are remembered at Mass and in the prayers and sacrifices of the Hermit Sisters.  On May 2, 2011, Sister Rebecca Mary moved to assisted living at a convent in Beaverton, Oregon.  Sister M. Beverly continues her eremitical way of life at Marymount Hermitage.

Marymount is located in a beautiful, scenic, remote area of Idaho, 125 miles NW of Boise.  Our site, at an elevation of 3200 ft. above sea level, is surrounded by mountains and is on a mesa overlooking the river valley 200 ft. below.  There are no sidewalks and a rough, mile-long dirt and rock road from Hwy 95 gives cars access most seasons of the year.  There is ample opportunity for hiking.  Wildlife such as mule deer, coyote, rabbits, birds, and a few varieties of harmless snakes and lizards inhabit the land.  Those with a pioneer spirit will find that the beauty and austerity of this vast land will lift their hearts and minds to God and bring them into genuine interior silence and exterior solitude.

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