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Retreat Information

" Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ for He is going to say, ‘I came as a guest, and you received Me.’" RB:53


Visitors and retreatants who want to share in our life of prayer, solitude and silence are warmly welcomed.  For those desiring to withdraw from the world, to seek the Father, to hear the Word, and to be taught by the Spirit, Marymount Hermitage offers five hermitages and the support of liturgical, communal prayer through daily Mass (or communion service in the absence of a priest), Lauds and Vespers.  Our Father’s House (chapel) is always open for Eucharistic adoration and private prayer.  Informal spiritual sharing with Sister M. Beverly may be requested and arranged upon arrival.  Retreats are intended to be essentially solitary, however, and there are no formal spiritual direction sessions or retreat conferences offered.

Reservations in writing are necessary to use a hermitage at Marymount.  All retreatants are asked to complete an application form which can be found below and a non-refundable deposit of $50 must accompany the application.  Cost for an individual is  $50 per night plus applicable Idaho taxes.  Cost for a married couple is $75 per night.  Write or call Sister M. Beverly for questions concerning reservations: (208) 256-4354.  Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by U.S. mail or e-mail.


Each hermitage is modern, fully furnished and secluded.  You will be expected to cook your meals in your hermitage with your own food supplies. 

Besides the chapel, retreatants may use the common house which serves as a parlor and laundry facility.  You are free to use the library to check out books for spiritual reading and study while you are here.  The hermitages and chapel are not air-conditioned. 
No smoking in the hermitages, please!
Solitary manual work is available and recommended for longer retreats.  There are hiking opportunities and just walking between buildings will provide exercise.  The remote location of Marymount Hermitage and the lack of handicap accessibility for most of the buildings require basic good health for any potential retreatant.  Retreatants must be 21 years old or older to apply for a reservation at Marymount.  We do not have facilities to accommodate children overnight or large day groups. 

Idaho has a dry climate.  Suitable clothing will make your stay here more comfortable.  Casual, modest clothing is recommended for all seasons: slacks or jeans, warm sweater or jacket, head covering for high winds, and sturdy, comfortable shoes.

March-May: cool to warm, occasional wind and rain storms.  Bring rain gear and mud boots or old shoes.

June-August: warm to hot; plan for occasional cool days or nights.  Bring cotton or light-weight clothing, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.  Shorts are not recommended for your own protection.  Ticks are active from spring through the summer months and can carry lime disease. 

September-October: warm to chilly.  Plan for temperature extremes.

November-February: cold, though rarely below zero degrees F.  Warm, high snow boots a necessity.  Woolens and a heavy coat with a hood are recommended.  Plan for mud in November.  Some restrictions may apply with regard to vehicles in the winter time.

Other items to bring: Bible, Office book, usual medical supplies, insect repellent, lotion.  Optional items include binoculars, camera and work gloves.  Please do not bring a radio, musical instrument or pet.  We discourage the use of any digital device, computer or cell phone, for the sake of real silence both exterior and interior while you are on retreat.  For legitimate exceptions to these recommendations, you may discuss your plans or needs with Sister M. Beverly when confirming your retreat.  Don’t be afraid to be alone with the Alone.

Priests are warmly welcome to visit and to offer Mass at Marymount Hermitage.  Reservations for private retreats can be made via the website and, while Marymount does not have a resident hermit chaplain, retreats are free to Catholic priests.  The canonical protocol for the Diocese of Boise is followed with regard to obtaining faculties for sacramental ministry while here.

Marymount Hermitage is located west of Highway 95 between Council and Cambridge, midway between mile posts #128 and #129, north of the Mesa town site.

Car:  Arrive before sunset because there are no street lights in our area and you will have difficulty finding the road in the dark.  There is no sign at the highway to indicate the Hermitage.

Plane:  Boise, Idaho has the nearest airport, 125 miles away.  You may rent a car at the airport or for $300 we will hire a neighbor to provide you with round-trip service from the terminal to the Hermitage.  Please have cash or a traveler’s check available to pay the neighbor upon arrival in Boise, if you have requested this service.

We publish a newsletter once a year on our website to explain the spirituality, news and material progress of Marymount Hermitage.  The website is quite extensive and we invite you to make a virtual tour of Marymount or to purchase the Sisters’ hand-made gift items.  Marymount is self-sustaining through the work of the Hermit Sisters, retreatants’ fees, and free will donations.  Your spiritual and material support are greatly appreciated.  God bless you!

Requests for prayers can be submitted
by phone (208) 256-4354
or by e-mail:
or on this page
or in person by visiting and praying in the chapel and writing your intention on the prayer card under the altar.  We welcome all, regardless of religious affiliation, who come to pray here in peace.

Retreat Applications (Priests, see below)

(Applications will only be accepted from persons 21 years old or older)

Click for our 2-7 day retreat form.

Click for our 8 or more day retreat form.

Click for our transportation form.

Dear Priest Retreatants:
During those times when we do not have a resident priest as chaplain, we offer visiting priests complimentary accommodations in exchange for having Holy Mass offered in community. If you are sending a retreat application, please enclose the requested deposit. It will be returned to you when you arrive.

Click for the priest retreat form.

A Retreatant Writes...

Dear Hermit Sisters,

When I close my eyes and open my heart, I am once again back at the Hermitage. I am renewed with the flooding of grace received during my Holy Week in solitude.

You and I spoke very little, yet you were like friendly angels of light in the desert. Your gifts of prayer, discreet hospitality, song, and privacy washed love and peace upon the dry bones of my soul.

I came expecting nothing and was filled to overflowing. My beloved Lord made himself known in ways beyond my imagining. Incredible symbols of Life unfolding daily, blending me with Creation. Scripture burned like fire within. Deep quiet taught me to hear God's voice and sacred Language. All brought me to new life.

I now feel grounded, steady and at peace. I continue to receive reassurance and confirmation that the abundant spiritual gifts from Marymount are mine for the keeping. I am so deeply grateful. I want to come again some day. I will await my Lord's invitation!

Your sister in solitude,
Jackie Huetter

[Jackie's birthday was on Easter Sunday in 2001 and her retreat was a spiritual preparation for that double celebration of life.]

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